PresenceLight 180

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  • Presence detector (PIR)
  • Detection area 180°
  • Wall installation
  • Mixed light measurement
  • Light switch output (relay, 230 V)
  • Automatic lighting control
  • Lighting control with light threshold value and self-learning switch-off delay
  • Pulse function for staircase time switch
  • Can be configured remotely
  • The switching behaviour of the presence detector is controlled by presence and light
  • The self-learning switch-off delay adjusts to occupants’ behaviour
  • The pulse function is for controlling a staircase time switch
  • The presence detector has a mixed light measurement and is suitable for switching the following types of lamp: Fluorescent lamps (FL/PL), halogen and incandescent lamps as well as LEDs
  • Test operation mode checks the detection area and installation
  • The parameters can either be set using the potentiometer or via the optional service remote control SendoPro 868-A